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Corporate Security

Enterprise Mobility enables a unified environment for managing PCs and mobile devices, giving employees the freedom to work from any location and device, but this mobility can compromise the integrity of the information contained in these devices, that’s why every day it’s more important:

Hybrid Identity: With a cloud identity manager, maintain a unique identity per user, reducing the IT burden when managing multiple devices.

Mobile Devices and Applications Management:A Mobile device management software (MDM) allows you to access data remotely through an integrated management system that ensures greater protection and security in your operating system and device.

Use Rights Management: Classify and protect your business data by ensuring compliance and security in the cloud or hybrid model infrastructure.

  • 73% of people send their last email of the day after leaving the office and 56% of people send their first email of the day before reaching it.
  • 29% of employees are characterized as mobile workers – they use three or more mobile devices and work from multiple locations and applications.